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The Classic Smile Bag is an unlined bag, hand crocheted with an Acrylic Polyester blend.  Each Smile face is hand stiched into the bag. The bags have liners that are stitched into the walls of the bag. The handles measure aprox 16 inches (40cm). The bag itself measures 13 inches (32cm) wide and 10inches(25cm).

Multi-Smile Bag

SKU: 364215376135191
  • All CROW’s Fibre Art are made by hand, with no machines assisting in the process. Some of the fine work such as smile faces, and appliqué are all hand stitched on to the pieces and would not tolerate machine washing. CROW would suggest hand washing, gently rolling the piece up in a towel to assist with drying, followed by hanging to air dry. 

    All bags created are tolerant, but overloading the bags with heavy items is not recommended as doing so on a regular basis would damage the stitches within the piece. 

    All of CROW creations may contain all or some; acrylic, cotton polyester, and wool fibres. 

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