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The CROW Story

CROW dove into crocheting in 2019.  I initially took up the passion to assist me with focusing during work meetings. I came to realize that crocheting was an amazing tool  for my mental health. If you ask anyone who knows me, they'll say I always have a crochet project with me whether it be at the lake on the beach, at a family game night, or on a vacation. 


As a proud local business, CROW personally crafts each item, ensuring a touch of individuality that speaks to the essence of CROW in every creation. Enhance your life with hand crafted treasures that carry the soulful artistry of a small business committed to uniqueness and quality.


Meet the CROW Team 🐾

At CROW it's only one human, but that doesn't mean I do this on my own!

Nope! I have a furry team that has my back at every stitch along the way!


I Crochet Left-handed!

Learning to crochet as a "lefty" is tough, given the lack of learning tools available! Although it wasn't easy, I was determined to learn to crochet left-handed and I want to share the passion with "you"!


Having history of being a formal and informal educator, I have a strong understanding of individual learning styles. I believe I can support you to have the same excitement, love and passion for crocheting!

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