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The CROW Gallery

These are examples of previous projects I've completed! If you want something similar created, simply reach out and lets start strategizing.


Smile bag sitting on alexs counter.jpg

CROW Multi Smile Bag

This Smile Bag is one of CROW's desired designs. The smile back grounds have varied from cream, pastel, and PRIDE colors. Recently we added a liner to this bag. 

black mushroom bag.jpg

The CROW Mushroom Bag

The CROW Multi-Mushroom Bag, requires intricate application of 12  baby Mushroom added to this piece. 


The CROW Kiwi Bag

The CROW Kiwi Bag, has 12 Kiwi added to this piece. 

Sunflower bag pink on chair.jpg

CROW Daisy Bag

The CROW Daisy Bag has been consistently popular, with a variety of colors surrounding the daisies. 

Smile Bag Alyssa.jpg

CROW's Big Smile Bag

The Large Smile bags are shoulder bags that come in a multitude of colors to augment the smile. 

IMG_2196 2.HEIC

The CROW Ocean Bag

The CROW Ocean Bag, displays; starfish, coral and shells. A great bag for the beach or for someone who just loves the ocean. 

granny square bag.jpg

CROW Granny Square Bag

The granny square bag offers a multitude of color blends that augment all sorts of styles. 


The CROW Shoulder Bag

The CROW Shoulder bag was designed and representative of the CROW Emporium brand. Perfect for anyone that loves crows!!


The CROW Vintage Daisy Bag

The CROW Vintage Daisy Bag, is a great shoulder bag for all your fun occasions. 

CROW Accessories

Alyssa tank top and bucket hat.jpg

CROW Bucket Hat and Tank top

The Bucket hats and tank tops are very popular items sold by CROW. Often the same colors are not found again within the CROW collection, resulting in unique pieces to add to your wardrobe. 

alyssa headband.jpg

The CROW Headband

Designed and created by CROW the  Headband is  a winter Classic in Western Canada.


yellow purple blue one granny tank top.jpg

CROW Halter Top

The CROW Halter Top complements all sorts of clothing styles. 

Balaclava with alex_edited.jpg

The CROW Balaclava

The CROW Balaclava is a fashionable clothing accent that can turn into a neck warmer just by dropping the hood. 

hooded Scarf.jpg

Toque & Scarf Combo

The perfect combination of a toque and scarf all in one.

The Taylor Cardigan.jpg

The Taylor Cardigan

The Taylor Cardigan demonstrates evolving creativity from CROW. It resulted in a beautiful piece of fibre art that even has a hood. 

cream toque with CROW.jpg

The CROW Toque

The CROW Toque was designed for Western Canada Winters. The Pom Pom is removable for washing. 


The CROW Wrap

The CROW Wrap serves many purposes, evening wear, beach cover up, and even as a scarf. 


The Vintage Daisy Skirt

The Daisy Skirt designs by CROW represent a vintage flair.


CROW Vintage Daisy Halter Top

The Vintage Daisy halter gives a back to the 70's vibe but embraces modernization of that era. 

IMG_2453 2.heic

CROW Daisy Halter Top

The Daisy Halter with the subtle pink wrapping each Daisy emulates: fun, summer, and sunshine.  

cardigan blue with Alyssa.jpg

The Classic CROW Cardigan

CROW has designed and created a variety of colors with this cardigan design. They look lovely as an accent piece to your favorite outfit. 




The CROW Gnome body parts are all crocheted minus the beard and nose. They are often stuffed with beans or rocks for stability. 


Waterless Plants

The CROW Succulents are creative accents to anyones home decor. 

Pizza Bag.jpg

CROW Pizza Bag

The CROW pizza is a design that is currently being used on shoulder bags, however the pizza will evolve and be seen on other pieces. 

poop bag.jpg

The Poop Bag

xmas trees .jpg
xmas bags.jpg
steering wheel cover.jpg

The CROW Steering Wheel Cover

CROW has designed and created a variety of colors in steering wheel covers.  Keep your hands warm in style. 

The Egg

The CROW Forest

CROW Holiday Trees have been seen in a variety of colors and sizes. Recently Canadian Birch has been used for the trunks. 

CROW has designed and created many pumpkins. The most recent patch uses real cinnamon sticks for stems

Pumpkins .jpg

Perfect for recycling gift bags.

Holiday Bags

Why not some Egg Coasters?

Egg Coasters.jpg

The CROW Pumpkin Patch

Why not have some fun with a bag?

Other Art Modalities 

Besides Fibre CROW has dabbled using other mediums to create Art

Satisfaction Guaranteed

All of CROW's items are hand made and do require you to wash gently. Please offer feedback!! We are sure you will love your unique CROW art. 

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